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MARMARO combines experience with cutting edge technology solutions in the field of stone processing. Our equipment is unique for Ukraine and allows for quality performance of any stone cutting and processing operations. Our equipment resolution (0.001 mm) secures high precision of all the processes performed. We are able
to fulfil a large number of orders of any volume within a specified period of time providing guaranteed quality work.

Our machine fleet comprises of:

  • semi-automatic and automatic, as well as hand operated, designed for stone slab cutting, equipped with lifting rolls, revolving tables, mechanical latch systems
    and automatic cutting tool rotation system that permits parts processing at precise angles;
  • marble slab polishing machine applied for grinding and polishing along with bush hammering of stone;
  • CNC stone machining center used for bas-relief carving, inscribing, production of stone bases and other 3D stone milling;
  • waterjet stone cutting machine with high precision, production capacity and cutting quality rates that is capable of cutting a wide range of materials of different
  • stone sandblasting machine used to produce artificially aged stone in a matter of minutes, create unmatched bas-reliefs, remove the gloss and sliding effects.

Stone production facilities of our company occupy an area of 1100 square meters. It is ready to function all the year round. We are always open to visitors willing
to get acquainted with the production.